Smart Just Got SMARTER. Introducing the Heat3 Layer System designed for photographers by photographers. The Heat Company solicited feedback from hundreds of photographers using the current Heat3 Smart glove to find out how they could improve it. They got a lot of  feedback which has resulted in what is in my opinion the best photography glove available on the market today, the Heat3  Layer System.

The new Heat3 Layer System now gives photographers the flexibility to build the perfect glove/mitten system for whatever shooting conditions they may be going in to.   The outer shell no longer has the liner built i

n like the Heat3 Smart glove.  There is a shell similar to what is currently on the Heat3 Smart glove but it has no liner built in, a magnetic system for the thumb flap and more insulation in the thumb area.  Now photographers are given their choice of three removable liners to wear inside the shell. Each liner varies in thickness from warm, warmer to warmest giving you the flexibility to build out the glove as warm as you need it to be for the conditions you’ll be shooting in.

A new third windproof and waterproof layer called the hood has been added to the system. The hood fits over top of the shell for added protection from the elements during extreme cold shoots. You’d use the hood when you’re in between shooting or moving locations.

Then there are the little tweaks that just make the glove more usable for photographers. Each of the three liners has a pouch for hand warmers on the back of the hand so the warmth of the warmer is closer to your hand when you require it on colder days. The liner, the shell and the hood all have attachment points so the system stays bundled together and the tether strap holds all three pieces to your wrist so no piece drops in to the snow by accident.  Oh and the shell has magnets now on the thumb flap where the annoying velcro was positioned so when you wipe your nose you now longer take off a layer of skin from your nostrils, hey it’s the little things that matter.:))

The gloves are now available now at Cool Photography Gear.