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Loon Photography Tour

There is no bird sound more iconic and recognizable than the call of the loon.  Our loon photography tour offers you the opportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent birds in a quiet natural setting.  You’ll be aboard a customized boat that seats 4 photographers and offers each their own swivel seat with an unimpeded view of the loons. A silent trolling motor is deployed to minimize noise so you can enjoy the sounds that go along with sights. This loon tour is sure to provide you with a card full of keepers and memories to last a lifetime.

Photography Guide: Marc Latremouille

What to Bring:
On this loon tour you will be working from a boat and as such may be subject to rainy conditions or full on sun and everything in between.  Keep a close eye on the forecast the day before your trip and dress accordingly.  If rain is expected you’ll need to select clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable during your time on the boat.  Fabrics like Gore-tex are an excellent choice to repel the rain.

If the forecast calls for a sunny day then sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat would be recommended.

Your Camera Gear: If you wish to discuss specifics regarding which camera bodies and lenses you own and which ones are best suited to the trip, Marc will be happy to discuss that with you.

On the trip, if rainy weather is a possibility you’ll want to bring along a rainproof cover for your camera – both AquaTech and Think Tank Photo make excellent models that fit most cameras.

Polarizing filters are often used to reduce glare when shooting scenes that include water or wet subjects.

While there is not room for a tripod in the boat feel free to bring a monopod to stabilize longer lenses  from the deck.

What’s Included

What’s Included:
Personalized instruction offered at all times.
Chilled bottled water always on hand.
All taxes

What’s Not included:
Transportation including flights to and from the hotel.
All Accommodations, but will gladly recommend something.
All meals except breakfast



Marc Latremouille, your host on this loon tour is a Nature Photographer, Guide and Instructor all wrapped into one and a very likable guy to boot. I first joined Marc on one of his snowy owl photography tours and I must say I was very impressed. As it turned out I had a family emergency come up on my first tour date and Marc graciously allowed me to reschedule. Trust me when I tell you not all tour guides are this accommodating so I have to applaud Marc for his integrity and how he conducts his business. I also very quickly came to realize after a few hours on the lake with Marc on my first loon tour that he sure knows his way around and where the loons are going to be so you can count on him to get you in front of the loons and possibly chicks.

What makes this loon tour so special

Marc worked with a company on the east coast of Canada to customize a boat designed specifically with photographers in mind.  From the camo exterior right down to the individual swivel seats, it’s all been put together for the sole purpose of getting you as close to eye level as possible with these magnificent birds.  Upon your arrival you’ll load up your gear and you’ll be on your way.  The 60 HP outboard wastes no time getting you to the shooting location.  Once Marc has located the loons he deploys a silent electric trolling motor that allows him to follow the loons without disturbing their natural movements.  This has proven to be a very successful way to put guests in the ideal spot and take advantage of the available light to produce excellent photo opportunities.

Marc’s tour is a little unique, he offers a morning and evening shoot each day.  This has made it possible to offer photographers an excellent opportunity to capture loons in a variety of lighting conditions.  There is also an opportunity during the tour to see other wildlife such as beaver, muskrat and a selection of marsh birds like blue herons, kingbirds, bitterns, kingfishers to name a few.

You can expect Marc will be constantly offering helpful shooting tips, answering questions and explaining what to expect next. As a result, you’ll be ready when the action happens and come away with a card filled with excellent loon images.

Dates and Cost

Scheduled 3 Day Loon Photography Tours
Maximum 4 photographers

Available Dates For 2024

    • Session 1 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 11-13, 2024 SOLD OUT
    • Session 2 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 18-20, 2024 SOLD OUT
    • Session 3 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 25-27, 2024 SOLD OUT

Available Dates For 2025

    • Session 1 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 10-12, 2025
    • Session 2 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 17-19, 2025
    • Session 3 – 3 Day Loon Tour  $1300 CDN June 24-26, 2025


Payment, Registration and Refund Policy
A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. Once the deposit is received your spot on the trip will be confirmed with an email that includes a detailed itinerary with hotel information. Balance in full is due 2 months prior to the workshop start date. A reminder will be sent to you via email, but it is the sole responsibility of the participant to remember this due date. If the balance is not received in time, we will attempt to fill your spot from the waiting list. If the spot is filled, you will lose only the deposit.

Travel Insurance
Whenever signing up for a photography tour travel insurance and health insurance is highly recommended.




``Marc, Just wanted to say thanks for our Loon Tour last week. I got some great shots. You're a real expert at knowing these Loons & how to get us superb photo ops, without stressing them!! I'll be back for sure``

Rick B.

``Marc, I want to express my thanks for your recent Loon Tour that I had the pleasure of attending. The efforts you made to provide your guests with outstanding opportunities exceeded my expectations. Your knowledge of the subject matter and how best to approach a setting from a photographic standpoint ensured that everyone came away with fantastic shots and memories. Any level of photographer could attend one of your tours and come away completely satisfied with the experience you offer.

Tammy M

``Hi Marc, I wish to convey my special thanks to you for providing such a fantastic tour. I loved how helpful and professional you were while we were taking our photos. It was a great help having you spot new opportunities for images while I was focused on the moment at hand. It was a ton of fun and I captured some excellent images.

Michelle V

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