Motion Heat are the best heated insoles on the market because they produce more heat to the toes and last longer than any other insole.

Motion Heat has released a new and improved version of its heated insole which took over 4 years of research and multiple design iterations.

That may sound like a long time, but that’s how long it took to get the sizing correct, perfect heat, and multiple ways for connection and mounting.

I have tested these new insoles and compared to the old version and other brands I have owned this new insole is the clear winner for many reasons.

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Take a 360 Degree Look



What Makes Motion Heat Heated Insoles The Best?

I’m going to save you all kinds of research time and provide you with 8 reasons why I chose Motion Heat heated insoles over any other brand.

  1. Insoles heat to 70 Celsius compared to 50 Celsius with competitive brands
  2. Multiple battery options allow the user to choose their maximum heat and longevity requirements
  3. The battery is not embedded in the insole so not disposable when the battery dies
  4. The heating element extends to the edge of the insole to keep toes warmer
  5. Three ways to wear the battery for the insoles – leg strap, belt, or heated vest
  6. All Motion Heat accessories are interchangeable for the insole, gloves, and vest.
  7. Comfortable low-profile design with newly added arch support
  8. There are 7 sizes available from 6-12 in separate insoles with a size 5 on the way.

A Video Review From The Man Behind The Scenes

I’m going to dive a lot deeper into every aspect of this new insole in this post.  If you prefer a visual summary from the man who created this new design you can watch it now.



Maximum Heat To Your Feet

Heated insoles work by providing heat through a heating pad or element in the insole. The heat from that pad must transfer through the fabric that covers the pad and then through the material of your sock.

Motion Heat has designed its insole in such a way that the heating pad heats to 75 degrees Celsius.  By the time the heat transfers through the insole and your sock the heat is approximately 50 degrees Celcius.

Most competitive brand insoles start at 50 degrees Celsius and transfer just 30 degrees Celcius to your feet which allows you to feel warmth but not keep your feet warm when it is extremely cold outside.

Battery Sizes For All Occasions

Motion Heat has designed its heated insole to work with a variety of different-sized batteries.  This allows the user to power the insole based on specific use cases.

Whether you want to be out all day or just for a few hours Motion Heat has a battery that fits the bill.

Motion Heat Battery Selection Guide


Choose a Battery That Meets Your Needs

Over the years Motion Heat has come across just about every use case you can think of.  That is reflected in the many battery options that are available to their clients.

The various combinations of 12v and 16v batteries allow you to choose whether you want to run light and just for a few hours or you require additional heat and a longer run-time.

I find this kind of client centric thinking to be very unique in the heated clothing space and I appreciate having the many available options.

Motion Heat Battery Run Time


Durable and Long Lasting

Switch On Heated Insole
Many insoles on the market today have the battery built into the insole.  There is a switch on the back of the insole to turn the insole on and they come with a remote to adjust the heat.  My last pair of insoles were of this design.

There are a few inherent issues with this design.

  1. Once the insole is in your boot you can access the switch unless you remove your boot.  I like to leave my heated insole in my boots so they are ready to go but with the switch design you must take them out of the boot each time to turn them on/off.
  2. Because the battery is built into the insole they are much stiffer and therefore hard to bend into your boot.
  3. In addition, this bending to place the insole into your boot with each wear means you are bending the pad and wiring over and over which makes it more prone to damage.
  4. You are placing your weight on the battery that resides in the insole, again adding to wear and tear.
  5. Once the battery dies in the field from use, you have no option to recharge or change batteries on the fly to stay out longer.
  6. And finally, when the battery begins to deplete and no longer holds a charge or gives up the ghost you have to throw away the insole and buy a new pair.  Expensive and not environmentally friendly.
















Motion Heat insoles use a flat and very durable connecting wire to attach the insole to any number of its available external batteries. And in case you’re wondering, the wire is long enough to extend up and out of even the tallest of my boots.

This additional extension length makes it so that you do not have an annoying plug rubbing on your leg with every step.

And because the battery is not imbedded in the insole, when the battery gets to the end of its useful life you simply replace the battery, not the insole.


Comfortable Arch Support

Motion Heat Heated Insole DesignThis is one of the most noticeable differences when compared to Motion Heats previous version of insole and competitive offerings.

Motion Heat has designed the new insole to be slimmer to maximize heat transfer and included an arch support which makes the insole very comfortable.  I pulled the liner that came with my boots and replaced it with the Motion Heat heated insole.

I now simply leave the heated insole in my boots so they are ready to go out the door when I am.


Heat Where You Need It Most – TOES, TOES, TOES

Heated Insoles Sizes For Cutting

This is one of the most important things to look for when shopping for an heated insole.  Notice with this competitive product that there are 5 sizes being covered by one insole.

That’s great for the manufacturer because it cuts costs but it’s not great for the consumer using the product.  The heating pad only goes out to the area with the red line where it says do not cut.

Using this graphic as an example, the further away from size 35 you are, the further your toes are away from the heating pad.  I think by now you’ve concluded that that translates to cold toes.

Motion Heat insole sizing goes in one half size increment only within one insole.  As an example, if you are a size 9, the insole accommodates size 9 and size 9.5 only.  This no compromise design ensures that the heat is delivered where it is needed most – your TOES.

Motion Heat over 7 separate sizes available from 6-12.  And for women with smaller foot bed requirements you’ll be glad to know that a size 5 is on the way.

Sizes For Cutting Motion Heat


Versatility – 3 Ways To Go

There are three ways that you can wear the Motion Heat heated insoles

Leg Strap

Motion Heat LegStrap-Battery-Pocket-V5

I do a lot of hiking when I’m doing my wildlife photography so I can’t have a leg strap that does not stay in place. On my last outing I tested this new design, in addition to my 5km hike I even jumped up and down and I am pleased to report back that the strap stayed in place.

If you just require a heated insole then the leg strap and insole combination is a good way to go.  The only caveat being if you dress in multiple layers on extremely cold days I found that accessing the on/off switch can be cumbersome.

That’s why I’m glad they have two other options available for powering their heated insoles.

Note: The leg strap battery pocket was designed to only fit the 12/16v compact and 12v regular batteries.

Belt Holder

Motion Heat Belt HolderHaving the battery pouch attached to a belt is a more accessible option if you are dressed in layers.  I much preferred reaching under my coat to press the on/off switch rather than digging under layers of clothing to find the controls on the leg strap.

Mind you that is not my preferred use case either, I prefer the heated vest.

Heated Vest

Motion Heat Heated VestBy far and away my preferred way to heat the insoles is through the heated vest.  It’s worth mentioning that the vest also allows me to heat my core, my heated gloves and the insoles from the batteries that reside in the vest which serves as the hub for the entire system.

You can load two or four batteries of the 12v or 16v batteries into the vest.  With four batteries I can be out all day with heat going to my core, hands and feet as desired without worrying about running out of battery power.

There are four battery connections on the back of the vest which I connect four wire leads to.  One set runs down my leg to the heated insoles and the other set runs down my arm to the heated gloves.

I can operate the controls for the vest and the insoles from the switch on the vest.  That switch turns the power on/off and has three settings for heat for the vest and the insoles which work independently.  You have the option to select low, medium and high settings for both the vest and insoles.

The switch on the gloves serves as the on/off and regulating the three available heat settings.


Interchangeable Components

Motion Heat Essentials Kit
























Motion Heat designed their products to work as an interchangeable system  Whether you own the insoles, gloves, vest or all three the batteries and lead wires all work together seamlessly.  As such if you only purchase one of these products now but wish to add-on at a future date you can be assured that you do not have accessories that will not work with your new purchase.

I ordered the Motion Heat Heated Wear Essentials Kit with the new insoles (not the DIY insole) and that has served to keep me warm even on the coldest Canadian winter days when I am out photographing wildlife.


Heated Wear Essentials Combo Kit Includes:

  • One Pair of Glove Liners
  • One Vest
  • One Pair of Insoles or DIY Kit
  • Four Batteries
  • One Fast Charger
  • One Pair of Glove Extension Wires
  • One Pair of Insole Extension Wires
  • Owners Manual


Demo Video – Heated Vest, Insoles and Gloves

If you would like to really dive in and see how I use my Heated Wear Essentials Kit I have recorded a video review for you.

I review the heated vest, insoles and gloves and demonstrate how I connect them all together using the heated vest as the hub to create a seamless system to provide heat to my core, feet and hands.


If you’re looking to keep your feet warm this winter you will not find a better heated insole on the market, trust me I have tried many of them over the years.

Should your requirements stretch beyond your feet to your core and hands, I highly recommend you consider purchasing the Heated Wear Essentials Kit.

This combination of heated vest, gloves and insoles provides you with a heated clothing system that will allow you to enjoy hours of whatever activity you are engaged in on even the coldest days.