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Lake Clark Grizzly Bear Workshop

This is an adrenaline-filled Grizzly Bear photography workshop set in beautiful Alaska that will leave you speechless. This specific area of Alaska is one of the few places in the world where you can safely photograph, up-close and at eye level, males and females with their cubs in their natural habitat.  Photographing these majestic giant bears at close range makes this workshop a once in a lifetime exhilarating experience.

As you might expect there is a high demand and group sizes are limited for Grizzly Bear workshops thus the opportunities are few and you need to book well in advance if you want to secure a spot.

Photography Guide: Marc Latremouille
What to Bring

The following is a list of the clothing and equipment you will need for your Grizzly Bear workshop adventure. The weather in Alaska in June varies greatly from cold and rain to warm and sunny and everything in between.  Proper clothing is essential for your comfort during the trip as we will be shooting for long periods of time in all weather.  . When selecting your clothing, keep in mind the following principles about staying warm and dry.

Layering. It is very effective to wear layers of clothing to stay warm, as the air trapped between the layers acts as an insulator. Layering also allows you to regulate your body heat by adjusting the number of layers, depending on the temperature and your activity level.  There are 3 main layers: Transfer which is the layer next to your skin; Insulating which is the main warmth layer(s); and, Protective which is the outer layer to protect you from wind, rain, and other elements.

Keeping Dry. Wetness increases the loss of body heat and is uncomfortable, so it’s important to stay as dry as possible. Some clothing is hydrophobic, and therefore, stays dry (i.e., synthetics such as polypropylene, polyester, capilene, and natural fibres such as wool and silk).Clothes made of these materials make great expedition clothing. Be careful of other materials (e.g., cotton and down), because they are absorbent and stay wet. Also, avoid overdressing as it can cause excess perspiration and therefore wetness.

Your Camera Gear: If you wish to discuss specifics regarding which camera bodies and lenses you own and which ones are best suited to the trip, your photography guide will be happy to discuss that with you.

On the trip, your camera gear is best kept in a waterproof case or pack. It is crucial to keep gear dry while sitting in the rain. We strongly encourage you invest in a rainproof cover for your camera – both AquaTech and Think Tank Photo make excellent models that fit most cameras.

We encourage you to bring plenty of memory cards and/or ample hard-drive space or storage devices – the area is exceptionally photogenic and you may easily experience once-in-a-lifetime scenes. No drones allowed!

A sturdy tripod is recommended for long telephoto lenses.


What’s Included


  • Round trip airfare, via small plane, from Anchorage, Alaska to our Lodge in Lake Clark National Park.
  • All meals (3/day, prepared fresh by an excellent in-house chef).
  • Accommodations during our stay at the lodge (double occupancy). Single occupancy possible based on availability (extra charge will apply).
  • Expert bear guide and transportation to the bears during our stay at the lodge (available to us early mornings up to 9-10pm).
  • All photographic field instructions, image reviews with photoshop courses in an informal setting.  Projectors also available to us.
  • Scenic half day boat trip to the Puffin and Muir rookery Island (weather permitting).

Not Included

  • Your airfare TO and FROM Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Meals and accommodations in Anchorage, Alaska. I recommend arriving 1 day before the workshop to avoid possible weather delays.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tips/gratuities.


Travel Details

Our Destination: Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Lake Clark has been called “the essence of Alaska”, for it concentrates in a relatively small area of the Alaska Peninsula, Southwest of Anchorage, a variety of features not found together in any of the other Alaska Parks: the junction of three mountain ranges, (the Alaska Range from the North, the Aleutian Range from the South, and the park’s own rugged Chigmit Mountains), two active volcanoes (Iliamna and Redoubt), a coastline with rainforests on the East, a plateau with tundra on the West, and turquoise lakes. No roads lead to Lake Clark. This park can only be reached by boat and small aircraft.  The park, one of the least visited in the National Park System, presents its few visitors a wonderful opportunity to experience true northern wilderness.

This Grizzly Bear workshop includes a professionally trained guide who will locate and drive us, via ATV and comfortable buggy, to the bears which are usually no further then 10-15 minutes from our lodge or at times, right in our backyards.  Your guides will work closely together to put you in the best possible position to capture memorable images. The Grizzly Bears in this area have access to large food sources (sedge grasses, razor clams and salmon when in season) and for this reason, don’t see us as part of their diet. Our guide’s primary mission is keeping us safe, bringing us in the best position while not disturbing the bears. It’s a fine balance and these guides are experts in this area. Although coastal brown bears will be our main focus, we will also go visit and photograph, via boat, a puffin and muir rookery Island for a half day trip (weather permitting). You may also have an opportunity to photograph bald eagles, a variety of songbirds, black bears, porcupines and more at this location.   You will be immersed in a true Alaskan wilderness adventure!

Alaska has approximately 21 hours of daylight in June which means plenty of time in the field. Our goal is to observe and photograph mother and cub interactions (cubs playing and nursing), courting behaviours, bears digging and eating razor clams during low tide, feeding on sedge grass and much more.

Along with the magnificent volcanic mountain ranges as backdrop, acres and acres of beautiful sedge grass fields and infinite coast line, our photographic opportunities are endless.  Your portfolio will range from full frame bear images to “bearscape” images, and everything in between.

Dates and Cost

Workshop Dates

June 16th – June 21st, 2025 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Price: $7100.00 USD.

Deposit: $1500.00USD  non-refundable (unless it’s Covid sickness related/travel restrictions or if I can fill your spot)

Balance: The balance of the workshop fee is due 30 days prior to your workshop.

Minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 7 participants. 



``Marc was a great teacher and I learned a lot about photographic techniques and also Photoshop workflow. He was a good guy that we enjoyed spending a week with. Whatever wonderful images he uses to promote this trip, I promise you will get shots that are just as good. I certainly did. I can't recommend this trip enough. There are never any guarantees with wildlife but you WILL see a lot of bears and you will get some of the best images that you ever took.``

Steve Barten, DVM

``I had the fortune to experience a bear photography trip with professional photographer Marc Latremouille this past summer. I have been doing semi-professional photography for over 25 years. With Marc's experience, teaching style and engaging personality, I was able to bring my personal photography skills to an entire new level. I look forward to my next trip with Marc.``

Dr. Douglas Mader

Veterinary Author, Photographer
``We had a great time with Marc at Lake Clark with the brown bears! Marc made sure we had every opportunity to be where the bears and birds were, at the right time and in the best position. We greatly enjoyed being with him and the other participants and had a wonderful time!``

Steve and Suzanne Barger

``Anyone looking for an experience of a lifetime will find it on a journey with Marc Latremouille to photograph the Alaskan coastal brown bears at Lake Clark National Park. Marc is perfect for folks with all levels of photography skills as he is a wonderful host and teacher. Marc puts his clients above all else, making certain time spent there exceeds all expectations. Marc is serious about his work while at the same time making it fun. The Alaskan coastal brown bear adventure will steal your heart - so when you go you just might find a piece of my heart right there where I left it!``

Liz Moffett Breault

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