You’ve just spent thousands of dollars on your new DSLR and for a couple of dollars more I just think it makes good sense to protect your investment by applying an after market LCD screen protector, but which one?

There are several on the market but the best I have found are those from Expert Shield, specifically the glass ones.  They are super easy to apply without bubbles and once applied you wouldn’t even know they were sitting there over top of your LCD.  I must also mention that their level of customer service is over the top.  Two examples: I recently purchased a Nikon D850 and applied the glass LCD screen cover without a hiccup however the small top LCD protector which is included was a little too large and did not fit properly so I trashed it.  At the same time I had purchased the Crystal Clear D5 screen protector which is a plastic version because they did not have a glass version for the Nikon D5.  I spent 45 minutes trying to get that protector to sit correctly but could not get it applied without bubbling around the edges.  The two glass protectors I purchased for the D850 and the D500 installed in a matter of minutes without any bubbling at all.  Each LCD protector you purchase comes with not only the back LCD protector but also the smaller top LCD protector so both LCD’s are protected.

I was going to leave the D5 as it was with the bubbles however the Expert Shield team reached out to me several days later to make sure everything went ok with my purchase.  I advised them of the issues with the top LCD for the Nikon D850 and the issues I had with the Nikon D5.  They promptly asked me to send them a picture of the top LCD on the D850 given it was a new camera on the market so they could make sizing corrections if required.  I received two replacements in the mail within days.  They also had their engineering team create two glass versions of the Nikon D5 screen protector for me to try and I am happy to say that both the D850 and the D5 protectors fit like a glove first try without issue.  All of this extra attention was provided at no extra cost to me which as you all know is not often the case these days.

Expert Shield has a great product, especially the glass versions of their protectors, and they get an 11/10 for customer service thus I am confident that they are the best DSLR LCD screen protectors on the market and they have earned my business go forward.

Application Tips:

  • Use a Microfiber cloth to clean your LCD and remove any dust, oils, etc. before application.
  • A hot steamy bathroom keeps the dust down so try that as your location of choice for applying screen protectors.
  • Place side one on the LCD screen and get it perfectly aligned while you still have the peel back layer applied.   Then tape the bottom of the protector in place to the body of the camera.  Now flip the LCD protector up remove the side one peel back and flip the LCD back in to place. Remove peel back layer two and you’re presto a perfect fit every time.