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Best Gimbal Head

Jobu Design Pro2 Tripod Head - Serious Long Lens Support
December 19, 2012

I recently upgraded my original  Jobu BWG-Pro tripod head to the newly redesigned Jobu BWG-Pro2 tripod head and man what a difference.  The head is so much smoother on the pan and the tilt side, I mean seriously noticeable so my hats off to the engineers at Jobu Design as the original BWG Pro was a serious piece of gear and this new Jobu Pro2 tripod  head surpasses the original in every way.  The new 100% CNC swing-arm is 400% stiffer in...

Jobu Design HD3 - Voted Best Tripod Head
December 6, 2012

  Jobu Design out of Canada really nailed it with what I consider to be the best tripod head on the market today.  If you're looking for a gimbal head that's the perfect balance between weight and support for your longer lenses this is a gimbal head that should be at the top of your shopping list.  In my opinion Jobu Design has been outpacing the competition, namely the Wimberley tripod heads, with engineering marvels and features for some...

Best Tripod Head Maker Jobu Design Provides Low Cost Upgrade Path
March 14, 2012

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Jobu Design surprises its customers once again with a level of customer service that is quite frankly unheard of.  At the beginning of the year I wrote about an upgrade program that best tripod head maker Jobu Design put out to the market.  In a nutshell it offered the ability for a customer who had purchased a legacy Jobu Design product to upgrade to a newly released product for the low cost of an...

Best Tripod Head Maker Jobu Rewards Its Customers
January 23, 2012

What's the value of loyal happy customers these days?  I am forever coming across a new promotion from a company I already do business with only to be told, "that's only available to our new customers".  Sound familiar?  So when a company gets it right I think it is worth spreading the word.  Jobu, makers of what I consider to be the best gimbal heads in the industry, have given their customers something to rejoice about. Through the  Jobu Best...

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