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It wasn’t so long ago I bought my Epson 2880 printer and I was thrilled to be able to print up to 13×19 for my wildlife prints.  And best of all I had a variety of options available, I could print on glossy, matte or art paper so I had a variety of offerings that I or my clients could choose from. When I look back on those days I am reminded of the amount of time I spent printing, framing, matting and if it was for a client the additional crating and shipping.  Then there was the cost of the inks and the waste when I messed up if the paper jammed up or the colour was off and I had to reprint. Returns if the shipment was damaged or lost in transit and on and on.  Even for my own home printing needs, I’m no longer happy with just a 13×19 framed wildlife print, it’s just too limiting given all the available options today.

People not only want framed landscape and wildlife prints they want metals, canvas, acrylics, wall peels, etc. and they want them in large formats and of course they want them yesterday.  Whether printing for clients or your own needs if you want options you will eventually be exploring  outsource printing options.

When you finally decide to outsource you will be overwhelmed with all the options that are out there to choose from.  There are the Costco, Wal-mart’s of the world all the way up to high end gallery printing and everything in between so how do you choose?  I built out a checklist of what a print service would need to provide to earn my business and used that to narrow down the list for a final selection:

My Outsource Checklist:

  • Quality was my #1 priority (accurate colour reproduction  to match original image)
  • Available Print media (archival prints, canvas, acrylics, wall peels, metals, framed under glass, etc.)
  • No print size restrictions (I wanted the option to go big, like 9 foot big, as shown in the image herein)
  • Shipping and returns handled by the outsource company, no touch from me
  • Prompt customer service with a personal touch and a direct point of contact
  • An easy to use web interface for uploading images and placing print orders
  • A fair price
  • White label possibilities should I wish to move in that direction in future

I initially started with a smaller print company called Fotomoto however they were acquired by Bay Photo, a much larger company with 300 + employees based in California.  They did a good job however I felt like I was just a number

and as a Canadian the USD conversion killed any profit margin.  Thus my quest for a Canadian printing company began.  After a ton of research I narrowed down a short list, interviewed them and long story short finally chose Print Partner based in North York, a suburban district in Toronto, Ontario.  They met every requirement on my checklist right down to using the same x-rite monitor colour calibration software I use which helps to insure what I see on my monitor is accurately reproduced on theirs.  They even offered to send me a few sample prints in the mail so that I could compare those printed images to my originals for colour accuracy.  And here’s a nice touch, through their web interface I can even select the type of room the print will hang in along with the exact print size and wall colour so I can provide my clients with a visual rendering of what the wildlife print will look like in advance of their purchase.   It’s that kind of attention to detail that I believe sets Print Partner apart from the competition.

I’ve run several print jobs with Print Partner and it has been top notch in every way.  I have processed orders through their online portal for standard sizes which was super easy and when I required a custom size my point of contact James was quick to respond, accepted my image and processed my order for me the same day.  The three large metal prints were crated and on the truck for delivery to Idaho in nine days.

By my assessment Print Partner is definitely a premium printing service provider.  They offer international shipping, five star customer service, all of the modern day print media one could want all at a reasonable price.  For Canadians using a US A based print company is no longer a viable option with today’s currency exchange so switching to a Canadian print company is a no brainer.  For those of you living south of the Canadian border using a Canadian print company makes doubly good sense, you get the benefit of a favourable currency exchange along with the additional discount offered below, that’s pretty tough to beat.  Whether you’re a professional photographer printing for clients or a hobby photographer printing for yourself and friends, I highly recommend that you give Print Partner a try, Coolwildlife votes them as the best print company for photographers.

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