I’m wishing I had a PHOToLOGO years ago and here’s why.  I recently sold a photograph and the buyer wanted it signed.  If you’d never met me and judged me only by my signature you’d swear it was that of a third grader, yeah it’s that bad.

That prompted me to go exploring the web for ways to create my own logo.  Initially I thought I’d try to design my own but when I ran across PHOToLOGO I thought why waste the time when I can outsource the job.  I took advantage of a site wide sale for for $39.99 per logo so I created two, one for my signature and another for my website URL.  I matched the two designs so they would tie in with one another.  For the purpose of illustration I made the logo’s on the below images larger than I would otherwise.


Having been through the order process twice now I learned a few things and wanted to pass those tips along so you can get your order right the first time.


TIP #1: The first screen of the order process allows you to choose how thick you want your font and how swirly you’d like it.  They call that option “Make Mine Unique”and it’s a great option if you want the designers to be creative and give you something totally different. However for those of you who want to know in advance what your logo will look like there’s a better option.  Go to the PHOToLOGO Gallery and there you will find 32 sample logo’s.  Once you have decided on one you like you now have the option to select it (Note : your selection on the thumbnails will turn green) as the design you’d like your logo modeled after.  In this way you know 95% in advance what your PHOToLOGO will look like.

TIP #2: You have the option of having your first logo tweaked if there are a few things you’d like changed.  Be sure you capture all of the changes you’d like in one email back to the PHOToLOGO team so the designers can make all corrections once and you only get charged for the initial logo.

TIP #3: SAVE the email you receive with your order.  Through that order link you can always download all versions of your PHOToLOGO at anytime so if you lose the files no worries.  Notice on the top right of the download screen shot the text previous versions so they are all there if you order more than one as I did.

TIP #4: Consider ordering the source file, an editable original file of your signature (referred to as ai on the order page)  You may require it if you plan to work with printers, magazines or any third party.  Optional and is a $15 addon.

BONUS TIP: You have the option to have your PHOToLOGO animated so it writes itself our across the screen.  I use it on my video content to sign off at the end of my content.  Here’s a sample of my Coolwildlife Animated Photologo.  You will need to hit your back button to get back to this page after it plays.


  • Once ordered PHOToLOGO states you’ll have your logo within 48 hours if you used the standard delivery option at $39.99.  (Both of my logo’s were well within the 48 hour window)  If it’s a rush order you can pay $49.99 and get it within 24 hours.
  • Once your order is ready you’ll receive an email with a link taking you to an electronic download (see screen shot below) Click on download and the files are downloaded to your computer.  The files are .png files so transparent which is great for placing over top of your images like my snowy owl and wolf pack images shown above.
  • You’ll receive four .png files, two black logo’s and two white logo’s.  One set is low res 1200px x 800px and the other is the high res 7000px x 5000px.   You’ll have a 5th .ai file if you ordered the source file.

I plan to use this as the way I will sign my photographs going forward as well as adding it to any images I post to social media sites.  I have three reasons for doing this:

  • It adds a certain elegance and polish to a photograph in my opinion
  • It proves it is my work should others choose to post my images on sites without my permission
  • It adds a small element of protection against the theft of images.

At the time of this writing the site wide sale was still being offered which reduces the price from $100 to $39.99.  If you wish to place an order we appreciate you using our PHOToLOGO link to support this blog.

Photologo Bill Maynard