The Nikon Z6ii will give you an error if you try to upgrade the FTZ firmware with a Delkin Memory Card.  Below is an email I received from a reader that just tried to upgrade her new Nikon Z6ii camera to the latest FTZ adapter firmware that is required if you wish to use F-mount glass with your Nikon Z6ii.  If you have not made that upgrade yet you’ll find the full instructions on how to perform the upgrade at Nikon Z6ii FTZ Firmware MANDATORY upgrade instructions.

The bottom line is this.  If you are trying to upgrade the firmware for the Nikon Z6ii with a Delkin memory card you are likely going to get an error.  This reader was advised by Nikon tier 2 support to use a Sandisk memory card.  The reader below performed her firmware upgrade with a Sandisk card and I did mine with a Lexar card so I can at least confirm that those two cards work.

It is recommended that you use either Lexar or Sandisk memory cards which can be purchased at B&H by following either of these two links.  You have the option for either XQD or CFast cards for card slot 1.  I recommend CFast as they have a much faster write speed and will clear the buffer much quicker than the XQD cards.  If you already have XQD cards I’d give those a try with your style of shooting and see if they meet your requirements.

Below is the email I received from one of my readers.

Hi Bill,

I just received a new Z6ii with the error message that I needed an update for the FTZ.

I followed the instructions and could not get the update to work. I called Nikon Tech Support
and they walked me through the process and it did not work. I was transferred to a senior tech
and again tired everything he could think of to get it to work. Finally he asked what cards I was using.
I was using Delkin cards that has been with the camera. He asked if I had a Sandisk card and I did.
I exchanged the Delkin cards for a Sandisk and the update worked.

Hunt’s is exchanging the Delkin discs for Sandisk. If any of your followers are having trouble, Nikon
is recommending Sandisk (and a few other manufacturers..that I do not remember).

It is really a drag to receive a camera and have to go through that process.

Thanks for posting up the helpful video.