The Signature Logo will design your email signature, signature logo, brand logo and even an intro video for You-tube.  Photographers in particular are watermarking their photographs with their unique signatures as a means of protecting their work and adding a degree of professional polish to their images.

I have had my signature and brand logo for Coolwildlife photography for years and the only service I was aware of was Photologo.  Recently, I’ve been seeing ads on Facebook for The Signature Logo so I decided to check them out.  The first thing I did was talk to Scott, the founder of the company, to make sure they were the real deal.  Scott was super chilled, very helpful and took the time to explain the full service offerings to me.  He also generously offered me a 10% discount code to pass along to my readers so if you decide to use The Signature Logo you can use COOLWILDLIFE and save 10% on your order.

Given I already had my signature logo and Coolwildlife brand logo in place I decided to give The Signature Logo a try for creating a new email signature.  My email signature was pretty lame so a professional face lift was definitely in order.  I provided my Coolwildlife logo, my signature logo, a picture of myself along with my contact details and social media links.  Within a day I had the first draft of my email signature back in my inbox for review.

The Coolwildlife logo on my website, the one with the bear and mountains, displays with a black background.  I decided it might look better with a white background for email so I asked The Signature Logo design team to mock that up for me which is displayed in the image above.  For some reason it just did not appeal to me so, probably because I have been so used to seeing it on the black background on my website.

Back to the drawing board, I asked the creative team to design a second email signature with the black background for the logo.  Important to note, I could have done as many revisions as I needed to get it right.  Better yet, if you don’t like the designs that The Signature Logo creates for you even after revisions they will provide you with a full refund.

I liked the black logo however I decided to put it out there on Facebook to get feedback from my friends and they overwhelmingly preferred the white so I went back to The Signature Logo and requested the white version, but I asked them to drop the Coolwildlife reference after Wildlife Photographer on this version.  Within a day the revised email signature was in my inbox, no hassle and no extra charge.  I appreciate that level of customer service because quite frankly you just don’t see that every day.

The Signature Logo Email Signature


Once you finalize on the email signature you’ll be sent an email with a link.  That link will take you to an email signature install page which provides you with the instructions on how to add your email signature to the email client you are using.  It has many clients to choose from, I added mine to my gmail email and Mailchimp for my newsletter and it was super easy to do.

The Signature Logo has different design teams in the USA, Canada and the UK (Canadian site here and UK site here).  The email signature logo service from The Signature Logo is just one of their many offerings.  I’m going to touch on all of the things they can do for so read on.

This in-depth guide is going to be informational about The Signature Logo and what it does and part review. I’ll go over the signature logos, email signatures, brand logos, and video logos all offered by The Signature Logo.

Oh, and if you’re stuck on choosing between The Signature Logo and Photologo for your photography signature, don’t stress. I’ll provide a handy chart at the end comparing the differences between the two services.

Let’s get started!

What Is The Signature Logo?

Okay, so first thing’s first, what is The Signature Logo? As the name suggests, this is a design company that produces, well, signature logos among other things. Here’s a few examples of what I mean.

The Signature Logo Gordon TovellThe Signature logo Chris Wood

The logos are a realistic-looking signature (not necessarily your own) that you can used to brand yourself. From your social media to your email correspondence, your blog, and your website, you can put your logo everywhere. As I’ve already mentioned I even recommend branding the photos you post online with your logo to help prevent theft.

A signature logo never goes out of style, and it’s great for making your photography business look legit, even if you aren’t pulling in any money from the business yet.

The Signature Logo offers four core offerings I’ll review later. These are their signature logos (yes, that’s a bit confusing considering the company name), email signatures, brand logos, and video logos.

The signature logos are exactly what I showed you above for placing on your images. Email signatures, like my example, are made specifically for inserting into your emails, to make them look more professional and attract people to your social feeds. A brand logo isn’t a signature logo, but a logo you can use for your photography business (or another kind of company). Video logos can include 4K signatures, intro videos, and more.

The Signature Logo Review

Next, I want to go through all four core services the Signature Review offers so you can decide which might be best for your photography business. To reiterate, these are the signature logos, email signatures, brand logos, and video logos. I’ll have plenty of pictures and pricing for both.

Signature Logos

The signature logos are what I described above. Besides the logo itself, you can also add a tagline to your purchase, which the Signature Logo describes as “the wording or phrase that will accompany your signature logo.”

Your tagline can be anything from social media handles as seen below, your website or anything else you like.  Worth repeating again, when you order your signature logo, you can even get refunded if by chance none of the 20 logos float your boat. That doesn’t happen often, but The Signature Logo gives you that guarantee, which is nice.

The Signature Logo Tagline

On their FAQs, The Signature Logo is clear that they don’t have any hidden fees, so what you see is what you pay. That goes for their signature logos and their other services.

The Signature Logo Logos

Make Your Own Signature

If you’d rather your signature logo is based on well, your actual signature, that’s an option. If you want to make your own custom signature, The Signature Logo asks that you use a black permanent marker to write your signature on white paper. Take a photo of the logo with a digital camera or iPhone, but make sure there’s no shadow of your hand in the photo. Then send it over to them. Custom signature logos are $49.

Email Signatures

In some instances, you might want a signature logo on your website and then a different signature logo in your email correspondence. The Signature Logo gives you that option with their email signatures.

Sending a signature in your emails is advantageous for a variety of reasons. You can hyperlink the logo so clicking it redirects to your website. Your logo also develops your brand. The sense of professionalism a well-designed email signature showcases will impress your current clients and potential clients without a doubt. You can even use the signature as part of a larger disclaimer about confidentiality.

The Signature Logo Email Signatures

In addition to my personal email signature presented earlier take a look at some of the email signatures the Signature Logo has designed for real customers to get an idea of how creative you can get. Some are more in the style of signature logos, but The Cake Club’s has a stylized flair that’s quite attention-grabbing.

In designing your email signature, you can select from a variety of social media icons that are appropriately-sized. Every social platform is covered here, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Etsy, Flickr, and Tumblr. Take a look.

The Signature Logo Email Signature Social Buttons

The design process of an email signature is not all that different than buying a signature logo. You decide what kind of logo style you want, pay for it, and then fill out the order form with your logo details. The Signature Logo says you can add your own images to your email signatures, which is kind of cool.

Upon receiving your information, The Signature Logo makes your logo to your specifications, then sends it back to you. You even get a handy install link to insert your email signature right into your email platform of choice.

Email signatures start at $29 a year. Yes, this is an annual cost since The Signature Logo has to pay to keep your email logo hosted on a server. This annual fee includes any edits you wish to make to your signature during the year so it is current, you do not pay extra for that.  If you wish to not continue to pay for the signature then the hosting on it stops.

For two email signatures, it’s $49 per year, for three it’s $59 per year, for four it’s $69 per year, and for five email signatures, you’d pay $79 a year.

Brand Logos

Every business needs a logo, even if it’s just your own photography website like mine.  My grizzly bear with the mountains logo adds such a nice polish to my email signature and my website.  The Signature Logo can help you to design an attractive looking brand logo as well.

To get started, you need to select the style of your logo, of which you have 10 styles to choose from. I won’t show you every style here, but a few of the better-looking ones.

The Signature Logo Brand Logo Style 4The Signature Logo Brand Logo Style 1The Signature Logo Brand Logo Style 9

If you’re looking for a photography logo in particular (which you probably are if you’re reading this blog), The Signature Logo has a few unique brand logo styles here as well. You have eight options. Here are a few examples.

The Signature Logo Brand Logo Photography Style 12The Signature Logo Brand Logo Photography Style 13

The Signature Logo Brand Logo Photography Style 18

Perhaps you just want a simple logo with your own initials. That’s doable too.

The Signature Logo Brand Logo Initials

When you determine which brand logo style most suits your fancy, next, you have to choose between three options or packages.

Option 1

In Option 1, the Logo Pack, you get your logo files as high-res and low-res PNGs. This pack costs $65.

Option 2

The second package includes the Logo Pack as well as the Social Media pack for $69.

Option 3

Go further with your brand logo with the third package. Like in the signature logo packages, this one includes the Social Media Pack, the Logo Pack, and metallic versions of your logo in metal, bronze, silver, and gold. You also get a high-res color logo.

The Signature Logo also throws in two intro videos, one that’s a standard-sized intro video and the other a Facebook cover video. This all costs $119.95.

Video Logos

Last but certainly not least is one of the most complete services through The Signature Logo, their video logos. It’s cool enough that a graphic design company even offers video logos, but the quality of these is top-notch.

You don’t necessarily need to order a video logo to get video intros, as the above pricing packages have shown. However, if you want to go deeper into video offerings, I’d say The Signature Logo won’t disappoint.

Intro Videos

Let’s start with the intro videos. These videos feature your logo. Depending on the signature logo package you choose, you might get a Facebook cover video, a square-shaped Instagram video, or several intro videos.

When your videos are ready, The Signature Logo will send you a We Transfer link. You click the link, download the file, and the videos are yours to splash across social media.

If you’d like another intro video, you can order it. One intro video starts at $15, two videos are $25, three videos are $30, and four intro videos cost $37. The Signature Logo uses its own video hosting site you can use to order your intro video(s) of choice.

I recommend you check out this page of The Signature Logo’s website, as it shows all the different logos. You can watch any of them in a short video to see what your logo could look like. You have 50 intro videos to choose from as I said before, which is just insane.

Intro Video Pack

The Intro Video Pack is great if you want to get a lot of bang for your buck. In this package, you can order 30 intro videos for $79. Yes, I’m serious. All videos are animated and in clear 4k quality and standard size. The first 10 intro videos are for a Facebook feed, the second group of 10 videos is for Instagram posts, and the third group of 10 is for a Facebook cover.

Since these videos are animated, you have yet more styles to choose from, so click this page to check out the available styles and preview them all. With 30 different styles to choose from, you’ll be busy for a while.

If you have a certain color scheme in mind for your videos, the Signature Logo can do that for you. You’ll have more video intros than you can shake a stick at with this option!

The Signature Video

The Signature Logo Video team can make a polished video logo for you known as the 4k Signature Intro. You can select from whether your background is white or black, and even better, all your video files are ready within 48 hours.

Your files include a square-shaped Instagram video and a video sized for your Facebook cover. Both video styles in black or white are $29.

Scroll-Stopper Videos

A scroll-stopper video is a fun animated clip intended for your Facebook business page. You choose the images in your scroll-stopper video as well as the logo, which will probably be your signature logo or brand logo.

The Signature Logo has themed scroll-stopper videos for Halloween and Christmas as well as spider style, money style, police style, plane style, golf style, car style, and drone style. Here’s the Christmas style scroll-stopper.

Your scroll-stopper video will be delivered as an MP4. It costs $29 for each video you order.

Advertising Mockups

Do you plan on taking your shiny new logo and putting it in an advertisement? The Signature Logo can help you with their advertising mockups. You can select from several different advertising styles to get started, including:

  • Outdoor poster advertisement
  • Bus stop advertisement (at night and by day)
  • City street advertisement
  • Billboard advertisement

The Signature Logo Advertisement Mockup

The advertisement mockups start at $15 for one ad and $21 for two ads. If you want three advertising styles, that’s only $35, which isn’t a bad deal.


Have you delved into video work? You may discover that hiring voice actors is too expensive. With the Signature Logo’s voiceovers, you can take text and transform it into what sounds like a real, humanistic voice. From sales videos to educational videos, training videos, or website voiceovers, this is a handy service to have available.

The Signature Logo says its voiceovers are compatible with iMovie, Audacity, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Camtasia.

Logo Revisions

If you’re happy with your logo from the Signature Logo but you’d like it to evolve as time goes on, that’s another service this company offers. The Signature Logo will change the logo’s color, add an email address or website tagline, insert social media icons, remove an outdated tagline, or update the logo itself. Logo revisions cost $21 to $33.

How Do You Place an Order with The Signature Logo?

If one of these services has caught your eye and you’re thinking of ordering a logo through The Signature Logo you’ll need to know how to get started? As I mentioned in the intro, the process entails only four steps, so it’s not too difficult. Here’s an overview of ordering a logo through The Signature Logo.

Step 1: Determine the kind of product you want, be that a signature logo, email signature, video intro or something else. By the way, The Signature Logo gives you the freedom to choose the color of your logo from its color picker which I thought was pretty cool.

As mentioned above, if you want to make your own custom signature, The Signature Logo asks that you use a black permanent marker to write your signature on white paper. Take a photo of the logo with a digital camera or iPhone, but make sure there’s no shadow of your hand in the photo. Then send it. Custom signature logos are $49.

Step 2: Choose the package you want and pay. The Signature Logo accepts American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Stripe payments. Once the order is officially received, you’ll get an email receipt as well as your order form link.

Now is where you get to design your logo or input the logo color and style. The designers will take over from there, getting right to work.

Step 3: In no more than 48 hours, you’ll have your 20 initial signatures to choose from. The Signature Logo says they send the first 10 logos within 24 hours and then the other 10 logos the next day. Each logo will be a bit different from one another, so take your time poring over the details.

Step 4: When you choose a design that speaks to you the most, the Signature Logo will send you the relevant files for that logo depending on the package you selected. Everything goes to your email inbox.

You have four options or packages to choose from for your signature logo.

Option 1

Option 1 includes 20 signature logo designs. You get to choose which one you like best out of the 20. The Signature Logo will then send you that logo as a PNG file. You get two versions, a low-res and high-res logo. Also included is a black and white file. I talked about this in my Photologo review as well, you’ll want both the black and white to best suit the image your placing your signature logo on  And you’ll want the low-res for use on social feeds and the and high-res file for larger applications like websites and ads.

Option 1 costs $25.

Option 2

The second package is Option 2 for $33. Again, you get 20 logos to start with, and then you choose your favorite. For the extra bit of money, you get more logo files. The PNG logo files in low-res, high-res, and black and white are still delivered, as is the Signature Logo’s Social Media Pack.

In the Social Media Pack, the Signature Logo takes your new logo and adds it to a Facebook profile and cover layout. You don’t solely have to use these logos on Facebook of course, but social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn as well.

Option 3

If you want even more, Option 3 is $59.95. You get everything above as well as two intro videos that include your signature logo. You have more than 50 video intros to select from. The Signature Logo will make a Facebook cover video that can again be used on other social platforms. The cover video is high-res and in MP4 format.

Option 4

The Ultimate package is Option 4, which costs $99.95. Besides everything else offered in the other three packages, Option 4 also includes a second video intro as well as a metallic signature logo. The metallic options are metal, light bronze, bronze, silver, light gold, and gold, and all files are PNGs. Here’s one such metallic logo.

The Signature Logo Metallic Logo

The Signature Logo will also send you a version of your logo in a solid color that you select. This is another high-res file. Finally, you get a vector-based AI file that you can make larger or smaller without the quality decreasing. If you want to resize your logo, this will help you do it easily.

The Signature Logo vs. Photologo: Which Is the Better Option?

The Signature Logo shares enough commonalities with Photologo that I thought it would be good to include a comparison of the two services. Below are some features of the services as well as which I think is the better option for photographers.

Signature Logos

Both Photologo and The Signature Logo specialize in signature logos. Whether you think one is better than another comes down to your personal preferences, as I would say the quality of these services is on par with one another. I was very happy with my Photologo, but had I known about the Signature Logo, I might have given them a try too.

Email Signatures

You can order an email signature through the Signature Logo or Photologo. The main difference is that Photologo does not differentiate between its signature logos and email logos while The Signature Logo does.

If you by chance wanted a different signature logo and email logo, that’s not a service you could get through Photologo. Only The Signature Logo has its own specialized email logos.

Brand Logos

Another logo area that Photologo does not do is brand logos. Sure, you can use your signature logo as a brand, and in that sense, you can get a brand logo through Photologo. That’s not quite what I’m talking about here though.

If you want a brand logo that doesn’t necessarily use a signature, you’ll have to go through The Signature Logo for that.

Video Logos

You won’t find video logos from Photologo either, only signature logos as images. The Signature Logo takes things one step further by transforming your signature logo into its own awesome, social media-friendly video.

Custom Logos

If you want a logo that’s hand-drawn by you personally, that’s an option afforded to you by Photologo and The Signature Logo alike.

Free Revisions

Does your signature logo need a bit of reworking before you’re totally pleased with it? Photologo offers one free revision with any order. The Signature Logo sends you 20 signature logo’s for you to choose from and will work with you to create a design that you approve.  If they can not create a design that you like you can request a full refund.


Photologo starts at $40 for a basic signature logo. The same logos from The Signature Logo start at $25. Also, if you want more, like metallic and social logos as well as video intros, you’re not paying more than $60 at The Signature Logo.

The low price of many of The Signature Logo’s other services makes them a very cost-effective option.

Here’s a handy comparison chart if you’re still deciding between the two signature logo services!

Photologo The Signature Logo
Signature Logo Yes Yes
Email Signatures Yes Yes
Brand Logos No Yes
Video Logos No Yes
Custom Logos Yes Yes
Free Revisions Yes Yes
Pricing $$ $



The Signature Logo is a logo design service that specializes in signature logos, brand logos, email signatures and video logos. Their very reasonable prices, inclusive packages, and comprehensive services make The Signature Logo a service you should strongly consider for your photography logo and more!

Remember, you can get 10% off your Signature Logo purchase by applying the discount code COOLWILDLIFE.