Topaz Labs Coupon Code Changes

Effective August 2022, Topaz Labs has changed how they handle discount coupon codes.  Prior to August every Topaz Labs affiliate partner was issued their own unique Topaz promo code.  For example, my affiliate dicount code was coolwildlife15 and if you applied it during the checkout process you would have received an additional 15% discount.

Those 15% affiliate promo codes have all expired and Topaz now issues its own coupon codes related to the products that they wish to promote at the time or affiliate partner campaigns that warrant it.

Finding a Topaz Discount Code That Works

Under the new August policy changes, Topaz Labs will occasionally issue affiliate partners with coupon codes related to a specific campaign or codes will be issued for Topaz Labs specific promotions and affiliate partners will be notified.

If you’re looking to make a Topaz software purchase and have been unable to find a promo code that works, I invite you to reach out to me at

If I have an active campaign or Topaz Labs is running a promotion at the time, there will be an available discount code.  I will happily share that code with you so you can save a few additional dollars.

For those of you thinking about purchasing any Topaz Labs product, please consider using my affiliate link provided here. I receive a small commission to support my content creation efforts and there is no extra cost to you.

Topaz Memo To Affiliate Partners


The new Topaz affiliate coupon policy is in effect

In June, we shared our upcoming affiliate coupon policy change. As of today, your affiliate coupon code will no longer work—it will say “expired” when customers try to apply it.


Topaz Labs Coupon Codes Not Working

The new Topaz policy means that the sites you’ll find on Google advertising Topaz discount codes will have expired.  Unless Topaz has another policy change, you should know that the codes advertised on those sites will not work.

Even those legitimate sites from Topaz affiliate partners advertising a 15% discount are now expired effective August 2022.

How Do I Apply A Topaz Coupon Code?

Once you have your Topaz discount code head over to the Topaz Labs Product Shopping Page.  Once you have clicked BUY for the Topaz Labs products you wish to purchase they will show up in your cart.  When you click on your cart you will be presented with a screen that shows the products you have selected and the total price.

On the bottom left-hand side of your screen, you will now see a text box labeled “Apply Coupon”.  Type in “YOUR Promo CODE” and click on apply coupon. The screen will now refresh and you will see your percent discount applied along with the newly recalculated price.  You can now click on Proceed To Checkout, your discount has been applied.

Not all stores are upfront about how they handle promo codes in the checkout process. I applaud Topaz Labs for being upfront and clear about its codes.

Topaz Labs apply the codes right away in the shopping cart and prominently display your discount details before you go through the checkout process as shown below.

Topaz Photo Upgrade Plan 2Topaz Labs Upgrade Pricing PlanI appreciate you visiting to obtain a legitimate Topaz Labs Coupon Code.   Hopefully, this post will save you some time chasing down discounts that do not exist or have expired.