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Owl Eyes

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Fine Art Prints are also available as prints alone, matted prints or framed prints with matte under glass. Due to the wide variety of papers and frames available please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the options and pricing with you. Note: All pricing is in USD.

All Canvas, Metal and Acrylic prints will be delivered ready to hang.

Shipping for North American orders: up to 16″x24″ is $25, from 18″x18″ up to 24″x36″ is $50, and from 24″x48″ up to 48″x72″ is $100. Please inquire for overseas shipping costs.

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Canvas, Acrylic, Metal and Fine Art Prints

Semi-Gloss or Luster Fine Art Baryta Prints — Fine Art Baryta is a 310 gsm museum grade paper available in your choice of semi-gloss or luster finish. This paper is displays excellent black density and great image sharpness. I prefer this paper over full glossy which gives increased glare however high gloss prints are available if you prefer. Please note that photographs should be viewed on a colour-calibrated screen or device to see the correct colour palette in each photograph

Canvas Prints — traditional thick gallery wrap archival canvas prints that are stretched and laminated over a 1.5″ stretcher bar (a wooden frame behind the print that is not visible) and are ready to hang right away without framing. Wrap options include mirror wrap, white wrap or black wrap (the wrap is the 1.5″ portion of the canvas that you see from the side. Canvas framing options are also available, contact me if you wish to further discuss.  Also available is .75 inch standard wrap.)

Acrylic Prints — Acrylic prints are a stylish look unto themselves making the print appear to float off of the wall. These prints are printed on high gloss archival print paper and are then mounted to a 1/8″ acrylic sheet, creating a vibrant, glossy look that many people are gravitating to these days. These prints come with black backing and a float frame mounted behind the print, so that they are ready to hang right away. (optional upgrade to metallic paper for an additional 10% charge)

Metal Prints — Metal prints are another option for folks looking for a more modern, sleek, and contemporary look. The images are printed on High Definition metal panels and have a float frame mounted behind the thin print, like acrylic prints, metal prints also give the appearance that they are floating out from the wall.

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Rolled Canvas, Stretched Canvas, Framed Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Wall Peels


5×7, 6×9, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 11×14, 12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 16×16, 16×20, 16×24, 18×18, 18×24, 18×36, 20×20, 20×24, 20×30, 20×40, 20×60, 24×24, 24×36, 24×48, 30×40, 30×45, 30×60, 32×48, 36×36, 36×48, 36×54, 40×60, Custom sizes are available (contact for details)


Frame Colour Options

Acrylic Prints

Aluminum DiBond Backing

Premium DiBond backing is an archival aluminum composite sheet. Gives tremendous rigidity to your artwork. Offers high end look and feel. We mount a recessed frame for hanging.

Metallic Paper

The metallic high-gloss surface is stunning when used with our Facemount to Acrylic process. It produces vibrant colour with exceptionally sharp details.

Metal Print Finishes:

Gloss White

Experience vibrancy and depth of colour with our Gloss White finish. Colours pop and details come to life with the white base and thick high gloss coating. This is an excellent finish for any subject matter.

Semi Gloss White

Similar color intensity and detail as our High Gloss option, with reduced glare.

Matte White

For portraits, weddings or anytime surface reflection is a concern, our Matte White finish is the optimal choice. The surface provides a rich, smooth finish where colours can come alive with perfect subtlety.

Fine Art Prints

We offer a wide variety of photographic paper and framing options to bring our photo prints to life. From traditional RC high quality photo papers to 100% rag fine art papers. Whatever your subject matter, we have the right paper to showcase every detail.

Fine Art Paper

Also referred to as photo rag, this paper is ideal for art reproductions and fine art photographs. Slightly textured 100% cotton acid and OBA free, PH neutral paper for a long print life. Heavy weight - 310 gsm.

Enhanced Matte Photo Paper

Bridges the gap between Fine Art & Poster paper. Perfect choice for posters, photographic prints and enlargements. 180 gsm bright white paper with smooth matte surface paper and enhancement characteristic elements. Provides high colour reproduction, yielding highly saturated colors while maintaining excellent high lights and shadow details.

Supreme Gloss Photo Paper

Ultimate paper for Landscape & Scenic Photography, Architectural and Unframed Competition Prints and Product Photography. Premium quality, resin-coated 300 gsm inkjet photo paper. Offers a high gloss smooth finish with an expansive colour gamut that Professional Photographers require for richly detailed photographs.

Luster Photo Paper

A Premium-quality, resin-coated 300 gsm inkjet photo paper thicker and more durable. This latest generation paper is 11.5 mil. thicker than previous generation papers. The slightly textured, satin (or luster) surface is similar to the E-surface photo papers of the past and was popular for use in darkroom printing. The print surface of this paper will not show fingerprints or reflective glare like gloss surface papers. Excellent ink retention properties allow for an exceptionally large colour gamut resulting in brighter, saturated colours and realistically accurate skin tones.

Metallic Photo Paper

Produces vibrant metallic high gloss images that adds a distinctive look to fine photographic prints. Perfect medium for discerning professionals producing photos for portraits, commercial displays and competition prints. Slight warm tone 11.5 mil, 300 gsm photo paper with a distinctive pearlescent high gloss surface. Exhibits rich dense blacks, with a superb colour gamut and contrast range. Highly resistant to scratches. Give the illusion of an almost 3-D look and feel.

Baryta Photo Paper

Give your prints a traditional darkroom look with our Baryta professional photographic paper. Excellent black density and great image sharpness. Perfect for professional Photographers in all photographic fields of business. 310 gsm museum grade Baryta photo paper. Semi-gloss to luster finish. Ideal for both black & white and/or colour prints.

Satin Poster Paper

Poster prints are a great alternative to the more traditional photo papers available in our paper products portfolio. A budget friendly photo paper that still produces high quality prints. 8 mil photo paper. Satin paper finish eliminates glare and fingerprints.

Fine Art Prints


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