waterproof iphone case

For those of us into wildlife photography we don’t often think of our iPhone for photography, or at least we don’t take of it as a serious tool for photography.  I will have to include myself on that list until now.  In addition to my DSLR’s I carry a Canon s110 pocket camera for those moments when life happens and I don’t have my DSLR with me, sound familiar?  I also recently sprung for a Go Pro to capture those spur of the moment video’s.  However all too often we don’t have the pocket camera or Go Pro’s with us and we miss a great opportunity as a result.  My wife tells me to take a picture in my head but somehow that just isn’t as satisfying as capturing the moment.

Now if you are like 99% of the people on the planet, you have your iPhone glued to you 7/24 365 which make the iPhone your new best friend for photography the way I see it.  The iPhone is no slouch when it comes to its capabilities.  The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 camera has an 8-megapixel, five-element lens with f/2.4 aperture.   And I love the new Panorama mode which stitches together multiple photos in real-time producing pictures at a full 28 megapixels.  Not too bad at all except the iPhone is neither waterproof nor shockproof ….that is until now.

Introducing the Hitcase Waterproof iPhone case which doubles as an iPhone shockproof case.  The Hitcase makes your iPhone waterproof to 30 feet and was built for sports like motocross and autoracing so it makes your iPhone shockproof as well.  And I love this line of thinking, the folks at Hitcase designed the case such that it comes standard with a GoPro® compatible mounts so if you own accessories for your Go Pro there’s no need to buy additional accessories, well done Hitcase.   Hitcase waterproof iPhone case accessories such as heavy-duty mounts for your motorbike and suction cup mounts for your car are available just in case you feel adventurous.  Every case comes with tripod mount included.

And yes you can still make and receive calls on your phone, use your touch screen and send your pics off to your friends all without taking the iPhone out of the Hitcase.

waterproof iPhone case

waterproof iPhone case

Some hard core photographers will still not consider the iPhone a serious tool for photography, but I for one am tired of taking pictures in my head so the thought of having 8MP strapped on my hip 7/24 365 is a winner. Priced from $89 – $129, even a cheap Scott like me will bite on that price.:))

Be sure to check out the the Hitcase video and pic gallery for further cool applications.