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Wildlife Photography Shooting Tips

Wildlife Photography | 10 Mistakes Nobody Tells You About
April 30, 2020

If you're reading this then you most likely landed here because you have a desire to improve your wildlife photography.  After 20 years I've learned a thing or two and have kicked myself more than once for not paying attention to the things that could have made me a better photographer in less time.  Depending where you are in your journey, some of these you may have already considered or adopted and some...

Blurry Images | 12 Tips For Sharper Images
April 24, 2020

  Don't Blame the Lens  - Anyone who is seriously in to wildlife photography is going to own at least one long lens, a 400mm, 500mm, 600mm or longer.  And all too often this lens is mounted on a sub-standard tripod and the owner of this new beauty who has never shot with a long lens until this moment is unaware that there are a host of things that they need to be aware of in order to avoid blurry images.  And so after a great day of shooting...

Video Enhancer Topaz Video Enhance AI
March 26, 2020

8K Video Enhancer Topaz Video Enhance AI Topaz Labs Coupon Code coolwildlife15 for 15% discount Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI is best known for its ability to upscale video from SD/HD to 4K/8K and it does an amazing job.  However there's a hidden gem that no one talks about that got me very excited.  That's the ability to extract a single frame from a video and render a tiff that is of very high quality. If you prefer to go directly to the...

Wildlife Photography Awards - The Winning Formula
August 12, 2013

You've read the title of this blog and perhaps you're now thinking that finally someone is going to give you an easy to follow winning formula for taking award winning National Geographic wildlife images.   Truth is there is no easy step by step guide, it takes a lot of time in the field to master the craft, understand your subjects and you require the patience of Job. Let's face it you wouldn't sign up to an online gaming site like Castle...

Photography Judge - How to win a wildlife photography contest.
November 4, 2012

  The Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Pictures is the premier Canadian photography contest and a great way for amateur photographers to gain wildlife image exposure within the Canadian photographic community.  Many of you already know all of the details on how this Canadian photography contest works however for those of you who don't I thought I'd share what I have learned thus far having made it into the magazine in 2011 and 2013. First...

Back Button Focus
May 25, 2012

Why Back Button Focus? Great question and certainly most wildlife photographers I speak with are still using the default press the shutter button half way down to focus with another full press on the shutter button to shoot method.  While a perfectly acceptable method keep reading as you just might discover that back button focus better suits your style of photography.  It was explained to me about five years ago and I have not looked back...

So You Wanna Shoot The Shit
January 12, 2012

This COOL Wildlife Photography shooting tip is brought to you by the many bird pictures that I have missed before I became privy to this one key observation. A few weeks ago I was out trying to get snowy owl pictures of a juvenile bird that had parked itself for a few weeks about 20 minutes from my home, how handy is that?  After about three  hours of observing the bird on a marina dock (not conducive to great photography) on what was a very cold...

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