Canadian Geo Best Wildlife 2018

Canadian Geographic Photo Contest “Things With Wings” Category Winner 2016

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Thank you for visiting COOL Wildlife Photography.  Our Mission is to share with you a collection of wildlife images, each one with a story behind it that has left a lasting impression on the photographer.  Each encounter heightens the awareness of the need to support  conservation initiatives to ensure the protection of these natural treasures.

I believe that the images wildlife photographers capture play a key role in bringing awareness to the public.  By stirring their emotions through our wildlife photography we have an opportunity to influence the level of support they provide to wildlife preservation.   Similarly, I assume a responsibility to learn from and educate other photographers, not only on wildlife conservation issues but as a means for us all to raise the bar on the quality of our wildlife photography.  The logic behind this symbiotic model is simple:

More qualified photographers + more beautiful wildlife prints = increased support for wildlife conservation.

By design in each wildlife gallery you will find facts about the species being photographed, photography tips to help you improve your wildlife photography and information on conservation issues and how you can help.  All images in these galleries are available as fine art wildlife prints and wildlife cards by selecting “Buy Print” or “Buy Card” in the yellow bar at the top of each page.

I am confident that the ecosystem between photographer and the public can and will make a significant difference in the preservation of our wild resources.  By visiting COOL Wildlife Photography and receiving this message you’re already making a difference.