If you’re going to install a Nikon battery grip such as the MB-N11 for the Nikon Z6II and Nikon Z7II it will require you to remove the battery door cover on your camera. I was totally afraid that I was going to break something in the process so I called Nikon and had them guide me through the process.

Below I have listed the six steps you’ll need to follow:

How to Remove A Nikon Battery Door Cover

  1. Hold camera with LCD screen facing up
  2. Open the battery door cover
  3. Hold the battery door cover between your thumb and index finger at a 60 degree angle
  4. Pull down gently on the top side of the cover facing the LCD display.
  5. The small pin holding the door in place will release on that side
  6. Pull up to release the lower pin and remove the door

How to Install A Nikon MB-N11 Battery Grip

  1. Remove the battery door cover
  2. Place the battery door cover into the storage slot on the grip
  3. Move the orange tab over and slide the long end cylinder into the camera
  4. Spin the locking dial until it is tight and the green light appears

Note:  I have had my dial loosen off several times during a shoot, enough to lose power to the camera.  My best advice is that you periodically do a check to make sure that the dial is tight.  There’s nothing worse than missing a shot because of a technical issue that could have been avoided.

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Follow Along Video Steps to Remove A Nikon Battery Door Cover and Install Nikon MB-N11 Grip