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Lexar Compact Flash Card Review – blazing speed, super reliable

As with any Compact Flash card review, especially in the world of wildlife photography, the first question we ask ourselves is who is the reviewer and why should I trust their opinion. Let me begin by saying I am not a world renowned wildlife photographer, yet, so I’ll have to answer the trust question with a little story. Before I was hot and heavy into wildlife photography I photographed hunting retriever field trials. This is where hunting retrievers run land and water tests to get their certifications. Long story short on this particular day a dog by the name of Willie was running the water test and part way through the test he sank under the water like a stone. I rushed down from where I was shooting and into the water about waist deep. We eventually found him lying on the bottom and carried him to shore. He’d been under a good 30-45 seconds so he had no pulse and was breathless so I and a handler began canine CPR and after about three minutes managed to revive Willie. You can read the full story here, but by now you’re wondering how this story has anything to do with a Lexar Compact Flash card review.

Just so happens that after we sent Willie off to the clinic I realized two of my Lexar CompactFlash Cards were in my pocket, which of course had been totally submerged in water during the whole ordeal. As I pulled them from their protective cases they began to drain. Continue reading »

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