Henrys CameraLet’s face it, photography gear purchases can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned professional photographer let alone an amateur or beginner.  There are just so many brands and models to choose from these days it can be overwhelming unless you take hours, days and weeks to do your homework which some of you I am sure are willing to do.  However for the rest of us who prefer to buy the right gear once and would rather be out taking pictures than researching the best gear for our needs we turn to a professional camera seller like Peter Waiser at Henrys Camera Ottawa on Bank Street.

There are numerous camera stores in Ottawa to choose from however the options get narrowed down considerably if you are looking for a professional photographer who is also a camera seller, those I can tell you are a rare breed indeed.  Many of you will know Peter as the official photographer of Bluesfest.  Oh ya, if you get to know him real well you may even score a backstage pass like I did to go shoot the performers like a member of the press, very cool.:))

Sorry I digress, as I pointed out earlier there are so many brands and models of cameras, camera bags, tripods, gadgets, gizmo’s, etc. that you want to make sure you buy the right product to suite your needs and budget the first time around otherwise you end up with a closet full of products that didn’t quite measure up and you’re purchasing another product within the year.

As a beginner or amateur wouldn’t it be nice to have a photography mentor who could advise you on what camera, tripod, tripod head, filters, etc. will meet your specific requirements?  Professional Photographers like Peter Waiser of Henrys Camera Ottawa not only know the products, but they use them everyday in their shooting so they can give you the straight goods with no BS on what’s good and what’s not.  As a consumer, that’s what I want, quite frankly it is what I demand and you should too.

So am I trying to sell you on Peter Waiser, absolutely, I would not send my followers to anyone else.  There’s a reason Peter is the number one sales rep at Henrys Camera Ottawa aside from his extensive knowledge.  How’s that you say, well here are just a few of the additional value adds you can expect:

  • You’ll get the best deal possible, guaranteed.
  • You can expect a blazingly fast response to any inquiries you make even after hours to his personal email, I like that as I am impatient when it comes to new toys.
  • You’ll get an email from Peter every couple of days.  It might be a joke, a link to a great photography site, new product announcements but he is not a sell and forget camera seller.
  • He’ll have his own gear at the store for you to try if you let him know.  I got to try his Nikon D800 last week, awesome thanks Peter.  And yes I am ordering one.:))
  • Invites to shooting events like Bluesfest, rodeo’s, snowboarding, but only if you really get on his good side.

Peter lives and breathes photography so do yourself a favour and drop in to Henrys Camera Ottawa on Bank Street or send Peter an email at pwaiser@henrys.com next time you’re in need of piece of camera gear.  I am confident you will very quickly  experience the difference for yourself. 

Bonus: If you provide Peter with the code “COOLWildlife” you’ll not only get the best deal possible you just might find yourself invited to one of those cool events mentioned above.

Below is a picture of Peter at the Henrys Camera Ottawa store on Bank Street with his first shipment of Nikon D800’s and Canon EOS 5D’s.  Ok so he’s not the prettiest guy on the planet but you can’t have everything.:))

Peter Waiser Henrys Camera Ottawa