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Of all the owl species it is the Snowy Owl that captures the attention of most wildlife photographers.  There’s just something magical in the way they blend into a winter landscape and those piercing yellow eyes  are captivating to say the least.   Having said that the opportunity to capture an image of these magnificent birds is far and few between so that means you either have to get incredibly lucky or find a Snowy Owl photography workshop or tour guide that knows where the birds are and sign up for what is sure to be a memorable experience.

Our readers from Eastern Ontario will most likely be familiar with Marc Latremouille as he has been offering Snowy Owl Workshops for a decade.  He is a very well respected guide and his owl photography tours fly under the banner of Wingstretch and the name says it all.  Not only is he a great guide but also a very talented photographer as you can see from the Snowy Owl pictures on this page.   Any wildlife photographer would be proud to call these images their own and that opportunity awaits you with a Wingstetch Owl Photography Workshop regardless of your skill level as a photographer.   I had the pleasure of joining Marc last year and one of my first observations was how focused he was on his clients and making sure they got quality shots.  As with any workshop the level of experience of the participants varies greatly, with some folks being high end amateurs to the “this is my first camera” person. Marc made sure that every one in the group knew how to get the best shots through the use of proper exposures, ISO and depth of field settings and positioned them with an eye to creating pleasant backgrounds which is key in owl photography.

Snowy Owl Flight Picture

Snowy Owl in Flight

While Snowy Owl’s may be the main subject Marc quite often leads his groups to photograph Great Grey owls, Northern Hawk owls, Boreal owls and other northern species have been known to winter in this area.  As every wildlife photographer can attest, often times its the unexpected opportunities that make for that winning photograph and Marc definitely knows how to take advantage of that to optimize photographic opportunities for his clients. Below are the details you’ll want to familiarize with:

Owl Photography Workshop description: The owl photography workshops are held Mondays to Fridays in the months of January and February.  You will travel by vehicle to the various locations where the owls have claimed their winter territories.  A typical day in the field starts at first light with a break for lunch and then photographing until last light.  Marc’s Snowy Owl Photography Workshops are kept to a maximum of 5-6 participants to always maintain focus on every client and you will feel that commitment from day one.  A typical day starts at first light, then a break for lunch and back out until last light.

Cost: The 5 day workshop (Monday-Friday) is $2800.00 Cdn and includes five days of shooting, photographic field instructions, and guiding service.  It does not include accommodations, meals, drinks, and transportation between the airport and the hotel.

Note: Exact location of the workshops will be disclosed to you once I have confirmed their presence, photographed them and determined the best locations. This is usually in December.  Workshops are held on private land which provides EXCLUSIVE ACCESS for participants.

HERE’S A KEY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WINGSTRETCH AND OTHER WORKSHOPS:  Marc will only offer you a spot on his owl photography workshop once he is confident that you will have the best photographic opportunities with these stunning owls.  Marc prides himself on a 100% success rate and client satisfaction is his number one priority.

Workshop weeks (2019):

1-Dec 31st – January 4th (6 SPOTS)

2-January  07-11 (SOLD OUT)

3-January 14-18 (SOLD OUT)

4- January 21-25 (3 SPOTS)

5- January 28 – February 01 (SOLD OUT)

6- February 04-08 (3 SPOTS)

7- February 11-15 (3 SPOTS)

8- February 18-22 (SOLD OUT)

*Daily rates are also available, please contact Bill at for availability and pricing.


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If you’d like to reserve your spot or wish to further the discuss the details of the trip drop me an email at