Walking On Eggshells – Adult loon with her two day old chicks.  What happens next when she goes back up on to the nest has never been captured on video before now from everyone I have spoken with.

Jurassic Heron Chicks – Watching Great Blue Heron chicks feed is like a scene from the Jurassic period 200 million years ago. Crazy sounds and fiercely competitive for food

Great Blue Heron – You know the saying, “Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel” well this Great Blue Heron is a real pro.  You can actually see the fish bubbling on the surface of the water so all this heron has to do is aim and strike time after time after time….AMAZING.

The Beaver Pond: Witness up close the technique a beaver uses to chew, how they eat and rarely before witnessed how a beaver cleans his fur and face, seriously cute. Natural pond sounds and you’ll even hear the chewing if you turn it up a little.

Snowy Owl In Blinding Snow Storm: This is a full slow motion video of a snowy owl in a blinding snow storm.  See motion as you never have before and watch to the end as he takes flight.

Jobu Algonquin and Killarney Tripod Review:  The Jobu Design Algonquin and Killarney carbon fiber tripods offer photographers a high quality alternative to the very high priced Gitzo tripods.  I own two Gitzo tripods and I can attest to the Jobu Design tripods being every bit as good if not better than my Gitzo’s.  The quality that is built into these tripods is exceptional.

Best Winter Photography Glove Review.  The Heat3 Smart Glove by The Heat Company was designed for the Special Forces teams in Germany and Austria as a glove that provided exceptional warmth while still offering the dexterity necessary to operate precision military gear such as sniper rifles.  Just so happens our requirements as photographers are exactly the same.  The Heat3 Smart gloves were reviewed in Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue and were highly recommended.  I took these photography gloves for a test drive myself and they are the best I have used.

Jobu Design Pro2 Gimbal Head Review.  The Jobu Design Pro2 gimbal head is a best in class tripod head that is made in Canada and is rock solid with new design features that make it #1 in the market.


Jobu Design HD3 Gimbal Head Review.  The Jobu Design HD3 is a best in class mid-sized tripod head that allows for landscape and long lens shooting with one head, the 2 in 1 design is simply genius.  This head has now been replaced by the HD4 but the overall design remained the same so this video is still relevant.


Boreal Owl Pellet Video.  My very good friend Michael Cummings from World Wildlife  Photography happened to have the video rolling when this Boreal Owl coughed up a pellet.  An owl pellet is a rare thing to see especially when it is being coughed up by a very rare Boreal Owl.  Owl pellets are the result of the owl eating their prey whole, with bones, fur, and all.  The Boreal owl like all owl species  can’t digest the bones and fur so they cough it back up in the form of a pellet.