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Loon Pictures 003.jpgOwl Pictures 001.jpgWolf Pictures 013.jpgDeer Pictures 001.jpgWolf Pictures 001.jpgLoon Pictures 002.jpgHeron Pictures 001.jpgWolf Pictures 002.jpgOwl Pictures 004.jpgTrumpeter Swan Picture 001.jpgWolf Pictures 003.jpgLoon Pictures 008.jpg

COOL Wildlife Photography loves to get feedback from our visitors on which wildlife images they find appealing.  We provided twelve (12) images as shown above and our readers have narrowed it down to the final seven (7) images as shown below. I’d sure appreciate you taking 30 seconds to let us know which 3 wildlife pictures you like best from the selection above. Thanks a million for placing your vote and do come back to see which top three (3) images are selected by our voters.