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Easy Canvas Prints – A solid offering

Great Grey Owl CanvassUntil recently I have been reproducing my wildlife prints on photographic paper then framing and matting them.   Then I was approached by Easy Canvas Prints offering me the opportunity to print one of my wildlife gallery images on one of their canvas prints.  I agreed under the condition that my review be permitted to be an unbiased, speaking to the good, the bad and the ugly of the Easy Canvas Prints offering.  I broke the review into the four basic components that I consider when reviewing an offering as follows:

Online Interface: The first step in the process is accessing the Easy Canvas Prints online interface which I found to be very intuitive and easy to navigate. You’ll be presented with a host of frame options with the standard default being a .75 in thick wooden frame and thicker frames available.  Once you’ve selected your frame you’ll choose the digital image you wish to upload from your computer, Facebook or even Instagram.  An image quality check is built right into the process along with a preview of your image so it really is idiot proof.  (Yes if I can do it anyone can) And if you decide your image needs a little editing Easy Canvas Prints offers a retouching service along with conversion to Sepia and Black and White for those who do not have post editing skills.  So full marks from me on the interface and order process.

Shipping: A very acceptable 11 days, four days for the print to get out the door and another seven days on the UPS truck.  I am in Canada so that delivery required customs clearance.  Easy Canvas Prints posts a production time of 10-12 days as standard with additional charges for expedited delivery so they must have put my order on the fast track.

Packaging:  The canvas print was packaged in a cardboard box and an attempt was made to secure the canvas to the middle of the box so it could not slide around in transit.  Unfortunately one of those cardboard ribs used to hold the canvas in place had come loose so the canvas was able to slide around in the in transit.  The canvas was also enclosed in bubble wrap to help protect the canvas so the print fortunately arrived without damage.  I would recommend they add some filler to the sides to prevent the canvas print from sliding in the box and a better means of affixing the holders would help here as well.

Canvas Quality:  There’s absolutely no compromise on this step, you either get it right or you do not get repeat business.  I have my monitor calibrated so I had high expectations that the canvas print would match exactly the image I view on my screen which it did.  The Great Grey Owl image shown here is an actual picture of the 24×36 canvas.  As with all canvas prints the detail is not captured the way a fine art print would be so if you have a wildlife photograph where you require the detail to make the image come alive canvas is not a great choice.  However for large reproductions where detail is not a primary concern and you are trying to keep your costs low I would absolutely recommend a canvas print.  I recently had a client order a 5×9 ft canvas of  five swans in the mist and it was a stunning reproduction.  The canvas was very well presented with numerous and solid stapling along the backside to hold the canvas to the wooden frame.  Easy Canvas Prints also included a brass hanger on the back of the canvas print to make it easy to hang on the wall, a nice added touch.

With so many canvas print shops with online ordering capabilities it can be a crap shoot on the which one offers a quality canvas print along with the other things that make for a positive user experience like a simple user interface and a great price.  Easy Canvas Prints should certainly be added to your short list of vendors when considering canvas prints as they have a solid offering.  As stated above my only recommendation is that Easy Canvas shore things up in the shipping area especially with larger prints to avoid damage and possible returns.


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