Bill Maynard PhotographerBill Maynard | Wildlife Photographer

My passion for photography began in the 1970’s with an old Minolta and a fixed 50mm lens which I carried with me in the wilds of Northern Ontario where I grew up.  In those early days it was mostly landscapes that caught my eye however the cost of film processing was limiting so I could only afford to shoot rolls of 12 pictures and that might be over a period of a month.  Fast forward a few decades into the digital era and I quickly discovered a whole new world had opened up, where shooting 100’s of images in a day was common place but those 2GB cards filled up quickly on a smokin’ 5MP camera.

Ah those were the days but enough with the nostalgia.  Over the past decade my gear has gone through numerous upgrades as have my interests.  I still have a keen love of landscape photography and in 2009 decided to bring many of those  images together in a book entitled, Without Colour.  As I review those images now it reminds me just how much my skills as a photographer have changed in the past ten years for the better, so it is a nice chronology of my progression.

What I really get jazzed about these days is wildlife photography.  Gone are the days of sleeping in until  9:00 am, I’m now on the road or in my boat before the sun comes up looking for unique animal pictures and bird pictures.  I no longer carry a camera with me just in case I come across something worthy of a picture, wildlife photography is the sole purpose of the trip, it is both the journey and the destination.  Yes I am obsessed, there I said it.  Just to let my wife know I still know how to have fun despite my narrow optics on wildlife photography, I did spend a little time with some cute Labrador puppies and those images are compiled in two books that are being used to raise funds for Ducks Unlimited.Bill Maynard Photographer in Alaskan Mud

Bill Maynard Photography just didn’t have enough pizazz for me so I decided to go with COOL Wildlife.  My ultimate goal with COOL Wildlife is to share with my viewers the diversity of Canadian wildlife that is yours to observe provided we continue to be diligent in our conservation efforts.  Through my blog I will call for your attention and support to wildlife initiatives that require our collective support for the protection of many species that require a voice that otherwise goes unheard.  Together we can preserve Canadian wildlife for generations to enjoy hundreds of years from now.