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Polar Bear Workshop

Without a doubt Polar Bears are on the top of every wildlife photographers list.  However I must say the Polar Bear tours I have come across have been shooting from a Tundra buggy so your 20 feet in the air shooting down on the bears and that just doesn’t cut it, not if you want publishable images.  So when I discovered this Polar Bear tour that Michael Bertelsen offers and he told me about his experienced guides and the fact that his groups were able to shoot from eye level I knew I’d finally found the right tour.  Trained and very experienced Inuit guides along with Michael’s extensive experience with polar bears, will offer you the very finest possibilities to capture incredible Polar Bear images while remaining safe.

I’ve known Mike for years, we first met on one of his moose tours in Algonquin Park and I can tell you from experience that he is a first rate guide, trustworthy and just an all around likable guy which is important if you’re going to spend six days together in close quarters.

Mike’s designed an Arctic adventure specifically for wildlife photographers which may not sound important but I can tell you having been on other bear tours where bear viewers are mixed in with bear photographers that it is a must as wildlife photographers will stay with one bear for hours capturing each precious moment and bear viewers are bored within minutes and want to move on.  God bless Mike for building out a Polar Bear tour that allows wildlife photographers to bath in their obsession with stunning backdrops of Hudson Bay and Arctic landscapes.

Canada’s very best spot for Polar Bear photography is a short 45 minute flight north of Churchill in wildly rugged and very remote destination that just happens to be smack dab in the middle of the Polar Bear migration route.  

Snowy owls, wolverines, martens, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons are all a possibility at this very isolated wildlife rich area.  This Arctic Fox was sighted many times on this years tour offering great opportunities for shots other than Polar Bears.  Oh yes, if you can thaw yourself out for a night shoot the northern lights are also a very real possibility on clear nights.

Arctic Fox

The Customer Always Comes First
A maximum of eight (8) photographers means:
* You are assured of receiving personal attention.
* Wildlife is less likely to be frightened off.
* Wildlife more likely to act natural.
* More likely to get a good angle.
* You’ll be able to move and choose better backgrounds.
* Overall feeling of the workshop is more intimate.

Camera Equipement Recommendations
A 400, 500 or 600mm lens, wide angle lens for landscapes and northern lights. Your most used focal distance will be in the range of 100mm to 400mm. If possible bring 2 – 35mm digital camera bodies, sturdy tripod, 2 batteries for camera body. Protection for camera and lens from the elements(storm jacket or something similar).

Day 0
Arrival in Winnipeg on Oct 23rd or before. Check into hotel of your choice or Mike will be pleased to recommend one for you.

Day 1
Oct 24th, early morning departure for Churchill. Transfer to waiting private charter aircraft for 50 min flight to isolated polar bear cabins. Afternoon of polar bear observation and photography.
Normally you will have your cammera out and shooting around 1pm on this day.

Day 2, 3,4 and 5
Observe and photograph polar bears and arctic fox, and possibly ptarmigam and other Arctic wildlife and landscapes. 1 to 3 km hikes to view polar bears etc. On clear nights, the northern lights can be viewed and photographed.

Day 6
Morning of the 29th, more photography. In the afternoon, board the private turbo otter for your flight back to Churchill and transfer to the jet back to your Winnipeg hotel.

Trip includes:
* Flight from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Churchill (return).
* Flight from Churchill to the remote Lodge (return).
* 5 nights at the Fly-In Polar Bear Cabins (single supplement not available)
* 5 full days photographing Polar Bears in their natural habitat.
* All meals while at the Fly-In Polar Bear Cabins
* Airport pick up and drop-off in Churchill
* If there is a weather delay that prevents the plane from reaching camp on Day 1, one hotel night in Churchill will be included.

Flights from Winnipeg to Churchill return…$1,200.00 to $1450.00
Bear Cabins………………………………..$5,300.00 CDN + 13% HST (Double Occupancy)

Polar Bear

Booking Terms

$2000 deposit required at time of booking. Full Payment due 90 days prior to departure date.

5 Day Trip – $5900 November 2nd to November 8th 2018 (FULL)

5 day single occupancy available for $1,000 + 13% HST

6 Day Trip – $5900 November 3rd to November 9th 2019 (5 SPOTS LEFT)

6 day single occupancy available for $1,250 + 13% HST

If you have any further questions I invite you to contact us:

e-mail- bmaynard@coolwildlife.com